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Welcome to About Your Smile...

We hope you can find the information on this site that you will need to make an informed choice for excellent dental care. 

Your smile is an inseparable part of your whole body, affecting your health, appearance, and quality of life. We are your dental consultants and we will work with you to provide dental solutions.

We offer you options and recommendations, but ultimately, it's important for you to choose which treatment is best for you.

Also, your fears are our concern. We encourage you to discuss these fears with us so we may help you to overcome them.

Providing family dentistry and serving the Delaware Valley for over 20 years! 


Come visit us!  We are just steps away from the famous 69th Street Terminal in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania!

Experience has proved that a pleasant dental visit can be a reality for even the non-believers. ... Affords us the opportunity to introduce you to our office with the intent of establishing a long-term relationship. Please accept this visit as an invitation to inquire about our policies, our staff, our procedures and our fees. After a comprehensive review of your health history and an oral examination we will discuss your dental healthcare, alternative treatment plans and establish priority for immediate needs, followed by elective treatment.
You are a special individual. Your personality, your lifestyle, your dreams, your goals, and the way you take care of your self - all of these things and more - are unique. Important. A source of pride and accomplishment, the good feelings you have about yourself.